Advanced Microservices with Apache Camel

This post is a continuation of my previous microservices sample with Apache Camel described in the post Microservices with Apache Camel. In the picture below you can see the architecture of the proposed solution. All the services will be available behind the API gateway, which is created using Camel Rest DSL component. There is also API documentation available under api-doc context path on gateway. It is created using Swagger framework.


Service discovery and registration was created using Consul. Gateway is interacting with discovery server using Service Call EIP Camel component. Each microservice is registering itself during startup. There is no out of the box mechanisms for service registration in Apache Camel, so that I had to provide custom implementation using EventNotifierSupport class. Service Call EIP is also used inside customer service for discovering and calling account service to enrich returned customer object with its accounts. Microservices communicate with Zipkin to store timing statistics of calling their endpoints.

Sample application source code is available on GitHub. If you are interested in detailed description of introduced solution read my article on DZone. It was also published on Apache Camel site in the Articles section here.


Author: Piotr Mińkowski

IT Architect, Java Software Developer

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